Short & Sweet, Season 3


Ahead of August’s ordinary auspices, it gives us great pleasure to announce the highly anticipated third season of Short & Sweet… Comprising all-new content in a venue resplendent with the glamour of a bygone cinematic age, Cape Town’s original short film experience has returned to pique your perceptions and canoodle your curiosity. Dedicated to the exhibition of short film as a critical art form, Short & Sweet showcases a hand-selected bouquet of local and international short films, animations and music videos in the evocative, interactive ambience of an authentic Old... Read The Rest →

rustic nomad ladym


Shake a leg and feed your soul this Saturday 3rd August at the third of five events designed to nurture local talent. In the spirit of a rustic nomad we had a chat with the beautiful LadyM- Cape Town based DJ / Producer who will be the first female to play at the studio/fantasy land… Welcome back from your second Euro trip, what did you get up to? Share with us some of your most treasured experiences. I spent 6 weeks between Amsterdam, Ibiza, Cologne and Berlin travelling, jolling and... Read The Rest →

what you seek is seeking you.


Clouds of winter may descend but nothing will damper the spirit of a rustic nomad. Saturday 3rd August will be the third of five events designed to showcase a music label which holds hands with Cape Town creative space: it’s a house – Both independent non-commercial brands have the sole mission to represent and nurture local talent. Our message is music and dance is our language. The label was born out of friends who were willing to put everything aside and follow a collective dream & share a common vision.... Read The Rest →

Doodlebug // Five Point OH! //


Doodlebug came to it’s a house for it’s fifth sketch-o-rama. And the competition was high. Zabalazaa initiated this event to give people a space to let their creative juices flow. Thoughts flowed into chatter into ink and our canvases were transformed into etches, scribbles, doodles, illustrations, comics and written text. A round robin of competition between illustrators was held. Illustrators are poised behind old school overhead projectors, judges on the one side, MC giving running commentary and the cross projections create a shadow world of live animation. Congrats to The... Read The Rest →

g – swag //


Last weekend it’s a house went to the St James’ Retirement Hotel, Friday night music circle. Free flowing wine, a 1950s speaker system, clip on earrings, handkerchiefs and knitwear abounded. The whole experience was part romance, part character comedy, part  period drama with one goddamn classy soundtrack. THE ROMANCE: Mr. Dennis Scott lost his wife exactly a year ago. She performed classical piano til the age of 85 and died 4 years later. Dennis moved to St James Retirement Hotel 6 months ago. As homage to her skill and passion... Read The Rest →

community spotlight: nyanga based orphanage emasithandane


In preparation for the anticipated it’s a house involvement in community programs bringing art to at-risk youth, we took a trip to the Emasithandane Orphanage located in the Nyanga Township, an organization that provides shelter and care to abandoned and homeless children in the area. Founded by Mama Zelphina Maposela in 2004, Emasi now holds 39 children that stay as permanent residents in her small home. Emasi also provides a community feeding kitchen, activities, and sports programs to nearly 80 kids living in the area. The shelter, offering both short... Read The Rest →

Shnit’s a house// Episode 3 // The Shnit has hit the fan


it’s a house’s pink furry carpet wore the treads of many film enthusiasts. We had a full house for the 3rd episode of Shnit. The programme consisted of the French Jet’attends Toujours directed by Clement Riere which is based on true events, a missing son and a UFO sighting, Now You Know it Anyway (Netherlands) directed by Bastiaan Schravendeel – a dark comic animation that’s over in the blink of an eye, Other People (SA) directed by M. Malek & M. Jones – a psycho horror based on mythologies, The... Read The Rest →

Raoul Goetze sets up shop in our pop-up parlor once again


Tattoo artist Raoul Goetze has been setting up shop and ink slinging in our pop-up parlor. Raoul, a tattoo artist at Wildfire Tattoo, has been working with his psych rock and roll band Wild Eastern Arches to record their first full album releasing soon. Balancing music and art, Raoul consistently works hard to embrace his creative skills through the dedication he puts into both mediums. Coming this Thursday June 25th to it’s a house – Raoul’s setup in our workshop once again. Tell us about what Wild Eastern Arches has... Read The Rest →

nomadiq music presents – the rustic nomads sat 29 june


Our smoke signals are telling us – Saturday 29 June it’s a house/ NomadiQ Music are hosting their Rustic Nomads Event. Doors open at 5pm. Some time ago, when nights were stormy and winds were wild we glowed luminous at the Bas Amro/it’s a house/ nomadiQ Party. Mother Nature has changed her tune and Father Time has called for another, dear travellers. We will not disappoint. It’s these city lights that we know best. We see them when those who need them don’t. The first ray of sun we see.... Read The Rest →

Ubuntu Academy Brings Young Local Talent to our house this July


Next Friday, July 5th, it’s a house will be showcasing some of Cape Town’s inspiring new talent as Ubuntu Academy brings us performances by local students including music, theater, and dance. The purpose of this event is to provide a unique and fun experience for students and listeners, and to break down barriers between performers and audience during this interactive live show. Ubuntu Academy is a school located in central Cape Town dedicated to enriching the lives of at-risk youth by training them in areas such as theater and dance,... Read The Rest →

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